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Women Should Spend More Time at Home!

I left the workforce intentionally in 2011 and haven’t looked back since. I was a middle school ‘Language Arts’ (that’s American for ‘English’) teacher in a large, public school system. I’m also an independent thinker and an avid reader, and, as C.S. Lewis opined, and I paraphrase, “A person can’t be too careful of what he reads.”

After much reading and thinking, I decided that the way I can best serve my family and society is by staying home.

I have a very small nuclear but a large extended family. My husband and I were not able to have children (my miscarried children are, I believe, with Our Lord), but even so, society is better off with me at home than in a classroom teaching other people’s children.

Here are just a few reasons it has worked for me:

  1. I get to spend more time with my husband. I remember hearing and reading stories of so many women saying that they have little or no conversations with their significant other. I have lots of time and energy for conversations and giving back rubs because I’m at home when he’s ready to talk. And he never turns down a back rub. Just saying.
  2. I’m not grumpy and tired all the time from having to get up early and perform in front of an audience (middle-schoolers are much tougher than the worst comedy club attendees) all day long and then go home and prepare for the next day’s presentation, all while plowing through the seemingly never-ending stack of papers that need grading.
  3. I have time to purchase groceries, drop off clothes at the dry cleaners, pay bills, pick up mail at the post office (They close in our area at 4:45pm – Who gets off work that early?), and do random errands for my husband so that when he’s home he can relax or do whatever he wants.
  4. I have time to cook delicious meals and bake fresh goods and then enjoy eating them together – face-to-face. No micro-waved, frozen, prepared meals-eaten-in-front of-the-TV-or-computer (we don’t have cable/satellite due to our proximity to the mountain we live on – a blessing, I assure you!) in this house.
  5. I have time and energy to keep my house clean and welcoming for family and friends.
  6. I have time to spend with other family members and friends who may need help for one reason or another.
  7. I save us lots of money because I can take the time to look for bargains whether we’re furnishing a new room or doing some landscaping. And I don’t have to spend a fortune keeping up with the latest fashions because I’m not in an office every day trying to impress people I shouldn’t have to impress anyway.
  8. I don’t have to waste time or money going to a gym because I can walk for exercise from my home. And I’m not gaining weight from sitting behind a computer for eight hours followed by two hours of commuting (one hour each way) like I used to when I worked in an office.

I could go on, but I don’t want to bore you. I do get the stares occasionally from women who are stuck working outside the home.  I sympathize with them – for one reason or another they can’t make the switch.

I’m a very happy wife and my husband LOVES to be home. I hope other people will figure out a way to do this because I would love to see more women at home: baking, cleaning and doing what we do to make our houses homes. A woman makes a house a home, but she can’t do it very well if she isn’t there.