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You Are Here

I was driving on a highway in Upstate New York one fall day with my mother, and I thought we had taken a wrong turn. We were on our way to Oneonta to see my youngest sister who was a student there. As such, we were supposed to be on I-88 and instead we were on I-90. Those two little numbers made a very big difference.

“Weren’t we supposed to go that way? I asked trying my best not to be a back seat driver.

“No, I know where I’m going.” Mom said decidedly.

About an hour into the ride we decided to stop at one of those highway rest-stops, and I thought it might be beneficial to go look at the “You are here” map.

“You see where we are, Mom?” I asked, doing my best not to snicker.

“Uh huh.” She said.

No explanation needed after that, but it got me to thinking about why we are HERE, you know, on planet Earth. And I came up with the answer that we’re here to fulfill a mission and then help other people fulfill theirs. It’s so simple, kind of like the map. So what might be your mission? And how can I help you to get there? Let me know below…